GE Marine

Lead UX Designer - 3 month team project


Skills & Techniques

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Feature hierarchy and future roadmap

  • User Flows

  • Clickable Prototype

  • Wireframes

  • Detailed annotation documentation

  • Sitemap

  • Breakpoint guide


  • Paper sketches

  • Axure


Who's GE Marine? 

GE's Marine Solutions is a dedicated team focused on providing customers with the excellent products and service. 


The Brief

GE Marine is a special division of GE that focuses on engineering advancements in the marine sector. The brief was to develop a responsively designed online platform for GE Marine.

The primary function of the website was to tell the story of GE Marine, acting as a consumer-facing hub for stories, products and digital applications. The longterm goal of the GE Marine site is to become an online training and client management portal

The Problem

Ge Marine is part of a hugely complex internal hierarchy of other GE brands and products. Departments overlap and the responsibility of products was under internal debate.

We needed to understand and define what products lay where and have a simple customer-facing site that stood out from the other GE sites but remaining within brand guidlines.  


The Approach

Site Map  To begin the design process I sat down with the client to define a clear site navigation. From there I produced a detailed user flow document whereby a features heir achy was determined.

sitemap ge.jpg



Using modular design The site was expected to grow quickly with more functions and products added in the next twelve months. Therefore I designed a components based system that could be reused and reordered to fulfil different content needs when handed over to the product owner.


GE Marine.png



What performed well

Our solution focused on having a clear IA and consistent navigation. I produced two variations of my wireframes one which  showed blue sky thinking to open the possibilities of the brand and one with the use of animation would create a simple modern feel to the site. The second option was designed and developed by third party developers.


To Improve

Putting a leash on the animation! This was a chance for the outsourced dev team to have some fun with the designs. However I feel that the animation has gone overboard and that it actually harms the experience. I feel as a team we 

What I personally learned

  • With most of my projects I like to get to know the product I am working with well. Due to time constraints and the sheer complexity of the clients internal business architecture this was not feasible. In this project I learnt how to manage the unknowns and how to ask teh appropriate amount of questions to fufill teh brief.

Responsive GE.png

Further work examples