NSPCC Fundraising App

Lead UX Designer - Three Month Project


Skills & Techniques

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • User Interviews

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Feature hierarchy and future roadmap

  • User Flows

  • Clickable Prototype

  • Wireframes


  • Paper sketches

  • Sketch

  • Principle

  • Invision

  • Flinto


Who's the NSPCC? 

The NSPCC is the UK's leading children's charity, preventing abuse and helping those affected to recover.


The Problem

Fundraising—even in a digital world—is tough. People love helping the causes they care about, but they’re not professionals, and they often find it difficult to get started and to maintain momentum in their efforts.


The Approach

Interviews We gathered together a variety of marathon runners some experienced runners who run every year, others who were running for the first time and some who were occasional runners.   

Our original hypothesis when first approached with the brief was the idea that runners must find it hard to get fitness ready and need motivation to keep going through the long winter months of training. We also thought this might be a great tool for preparing a runner with the logistics of the actual day once we had seen the amount of physical paper work an individual runner receives.



Through our research we learned training is hard but fundraising is a nightmare for a lot of runners through our research we uncovered many insights including:

A Marathon runner is expected to raise 1.5-2.5 K 

  • 20% of people drop out between getting their place and race day

  • 50% are first time marathon runners

  • 50% of participants are frequent marathon runners


Benchmarking Whilst conducting competitive research we realised that there were a lot of running and apps for receiving funds but not many for how to fundraise.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 11.45.42.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 11.46.00.png


Negotiation. Once we realised that runners were finding it difficult to come up with ideas about fundraising we knew that this would become a content app where users can read tips and ideas for fundraising. This meant work from our client and there was strong pushback due to lack of resources. However, working together, we looked through their current content pieces both online and offline and created a content release roadmap on the lead up to the marathon. We also developed an comprehensive CMS for our clients to easily add more content that had guidelines in place so the format would not lose it's visual appeal and lose it's readers attention! 



What performed well

  • A hybrid app which fosters empowered fundraising

  • Help, support and inspiration for anyone, regardless of their experience

  • Seamless pathways to online fundraising methods

  • Actionable ideas for offline fundraising

  • Notifications to track progress and motivate

  • Hints, tips and anecdotes from other fundraisers

  • Since its release metrics show regular visitors to all sections, with the marathon checklist, fundraising tips, and community among the top performers.

To improve

As with any new app for a client it is hard to push back and say this is the problem and this is the only thing we will execute on. Working for an agency unfortunately meant we were never able to iterate on the design, If I was able, I would love to look at the analytics in more detail,  see what content people are interacting with and streamline it from there and encouraging some interviews with actual users. I also feel that an error was made in naming this app. It has the potential to not just be a marathon app but a general fundraising app. It seems a shame not to utilise the content as a tool for all NSPCC fundraising.  

What I personally learned

  • How good it can feel to have your assumptions completely disproved! Finding a real user problem is much more satisfying and I am grateful for the client allowing us to dig a little deeper into the problem than the original brief and budget allowed.

  • Get all your team members involved in the research phase, good for empathy and as a team building exercise.

  • Be mindful of building a trusting relationship with your client from the start, be open, be honest and be considerate to their constraints.

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