Reviews complete redesign

We had a hypothesis that reviews could create significant business and user impact. What followed, was a project driven by evidence and collaboration.




Zalando is the biggest fashion e-commerce brand in Europe.  Its origins were as a small shoe selling startup employing a few hundred people to a now mega brand employing sixteen thousand.  The problem was for these employees to give feedback and gather performance evaluation had become a convoluted and non transparent process.  



Fundraising aPP design

During this project we discovered that the physical act of running a marathon is only half the battle, fundraising the two thousand pounds is the other. For seasoned runners there is a fear of fundraising fatigue with their donors and for the novice there is the rabbit in a headlight feeling of where to start? The result was an app to inspire and motivate both novice and seasoned runners to fundraise.

Money supermarket sprint.jpg

Money Supermarket

dESIGN Sprints

Our client had a monster backlog of subjects it wanted to tackle. Our agency created a core team that was to go in and conduct one week sprints with the clients to create front end prototypes that were lab tested on the Friday. 



Responsive site

GE came to us in need of a responsive website that would be the brand voice of GE Marine and a hub for all their products providing all necessary information and contact details that would serve both customers and potential customers. 


British Airways

Discovery research

British Airways knew there were issues for their customers during the booking process but  rather than look only at the online tools they allowed us to research the whole end to end process. The result was a comprehensive discovery phase resulting in a workshop and behavioural personas based on thorough research.


Most of my work has been under NDA happy to talk through other projects.